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Hello and thank you for visiting.  Please take some time to look around and get to know me better!  


Motina Lactation is a labor of love that has been about fifteen years in the making.  It all started with a young mother and her desire to help one of her closest friends make the decision to breastfeed.  Unfortunately, while her friend did breastfeed her third baby, the experience was rocky and stressful. She was getting conflicting information from her baby's pediatrician and her lactation consultant - And if I'm being honest, even from me.  I desperately wanted to help my fellow mama on her journey, but all I could do was share what I had learned from my experience breastfeeding my own children. In came the dream to be more, do more, and share MORE.


I have been a nurse for many years and have dedicated my nursing career to helping families and babies make the most gentle and nurturing start in life together.  I am a certified neonatal intensive care nurse, which gives me a unique perspective on infants with more complex health issues from preemies, to multiples, to babes with other more chronic conditions.  I am also an IBLCE board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and have been fortunate enough to combine both of my passions and serve my sickest, tiniest patients (and their parents!) as both nurse and LC for the past few years.  As I am sure you can tell, I love my career, but like I said before, something has always been calling on me to do MORE. I knew that I desperately needed to take my knowledge and passion and use it to serve even more families.  This is how Motina Lactation was born.

Motina Lactation’s mission is to serve my community by providing the most compassionate, comprehensive lactation services to all families.  I promise to offer the highest level of care with evidence-based lactation practice. My vision is to support families by meeting them wherever they are in their parenting journey and help guide them with individual care plans designed to meet their needs.  Motina Lactation’s philosophy is guided by compassion, integrity, peace and love.


On a more personal note, I am a wife, dog/cat/snake mom, and most importantly the mother of three quite amazing humans who I have had the honor of birthing, breastfeeding, bonding with and watching grow.  They are far past the infant stage now and have moved on to the wonderful teen and young adult phases of life. My greatest joy in life is watching them grow and turn into such awesome individuals.


Please feel free to  check out the services I offer, book online, reach out for more information, and to share my info with your friends and families!


Peace & Love,


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